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Windows Phone Mango 7.5 Review

Microsoft has finally finished rolling out their Mango 7.5 update for their Windows Phone mobile operating system. Like with any mobile OS, there are always changes and upgrades that can be made. Let’s not forget that Apple famously patched iOS to add some glaring omissions like copy and paste to its iPhone. And Mango 7.5 […]

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Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7 Preview

Nokia’s fall from grace over the last 5 year’s has been quite spectacular, before the world of iPhone’s and Android’s Nokia was the king of mobile phones. But, as with many large companies, they took their eye off the ball and Apple stole a march on them with the advent of the smartphone. Now, it’s […]

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Windows Phone Mango Update Almost Ready

Windows Phone Mango has taken one step closer to being released after the big M sent the final code to manufacturers for new phones coming out in the third quarter. What this means is that that the phone makers; HTC, generic Samsung, link Nokia & LG can start to test the operating system on their […]

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Heading To Windows Mobile 7 ?

In what would be a major coup for the technology giant, rumours have surfaced suggesting the Microsoft has landed the UK’s top selling phone the Samsung Galaxy S2 on their new mobile operating Windows Mobile 7.

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iOS and Android Still Beat Windows on Security Front

Year 2011 had been pretty tough for Android and iOS so far. Both the platforms attracted plenty of attention, generic viagra well, decease the wrong type of attention as they had to endure malware and virus attacks. Though, both the operating systems managed to escape relatively unscathed but it did raise the questions about their […]

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Angry Birds Finally Release on Windows Mobile 7

When Microsoft announced their Window Mobile 7 they used Angry Birds in the Marketing campaign – even though the game from Rovio wasn’t even in the works for the less than popular OS. Well Microsoft has finally got their game as users of Window Mobile 7 can now download the most popular mobile game from […]

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Microsoft To Launch Windows Kinect SDK Today

For all of you bedroom developers out there you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft is planning to release the software development kit for the Kinect sensor, erectile for all Windows users, bronchi at press conference today. The popular Xbox 360 controllerless controller has been a massive success story for home developers and professions alike […]

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Microsoft Unveils “Tablet-Friendly” Windows 8

Microsoft has shown off its new operating system, Windows 8, for the first time yesterday, which, according to the big M, has been built from the ground up to take advantage of touch tablet-friendly capabilities.

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