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Microsoft Sets Probable Record with Windows 7: Still Under the Shadow of Windows XP

Microsoft is kind of forming a pattern here. The company comes up with a smashing update for its Windows operating system and follows it with the crappiest version imaginable, erectile the cycle continues. While Microsoft delivered the goods with Window XP, the next version Vista fell flat. However, the company redeemed itself with Windows 7. […]

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Internet Explorer 9 Will Not Be Available For Windows XP Says Microsoft

Yesterday Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 9, anesthetist hoping to take on the strong competition from Firefox and Chrome, bronchi but it seems they intend to leave Windows XP in the dust. Microsoft are instead focusing their newest IE to run with their latest OS Windows 7. The newest IE from Microsoft uses hardware acceleration tools, […]

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Windows XP: Dell to Stop Sales of Devices with the OS 22nd October

For all you Windows XP lovers out there, stuff I have bad news for you. Microsoft has informed its partners that no more computers can be sold with the operating system after October 22nd. The operating system may still be favored by some, in fact the computer I’m using right now is running on XP […]

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McAfee Security Update Crashes Windows XP Devices

Thousands of computers running Windows XP have been reportedly crashing or constantly rebooting after a McAfee security update was downloaded and installed. The security update from the anti-virus software vendor had wrongly labeled part of the Windows OS as a virus, erectile which resulted in Windows XP device chaos. The McAfee 5958 update mistakenly identified […]

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White Flag

Secret Windows XP Easter Egg – ASCII Star Wars

Ever wondered what ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope’ entirely in ASCII looks like? Well now you can. All you need is Windows XP, a bag of popcorn and to simply follow the instructions below: Click on Start Then click on Run Once the command prompt has loaded up (yes that ugly black box […]

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