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Windows Tablets Overtake RIM Tabs in the Race of Also-Rans

Just a couple of days back, anesthetist there were rumors about Research in Motion to discontinue its Wi-Fi only PlayBook. The rumor was vehemently denied by the parent company, discount but that did not change the fact that the tablet with dependency issues is not doing well in the market. According to a study done […]

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Lenovo Puts its Faith in Windows 7: Launches New Tablet is Vibrant Colors

Windows 7 is a big cash cow for Microsoft, viagra but it has been amply proved that the operating system is not meant for mobile devices with touchscreens. But this little factoid did not deter Lenovo from taking a plunge and launching its new 10.1 inch tablet, IdeaPad. Though, Lenovo certainly deserves credit for the […]

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MSI Unveils Windows 7 and Android Tablets

Computex 2011 is getting to see tons of new tablets. Most of these tablets are running different versions of Android, drug but there are a few like MSI which dare to venture beyond the chartered territories. The company has introduced the revamped version of its original WindPad tablets and one type runs Windows 7. However, […]

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Windows 8 to Hit the Markets in 2012?

Microsoft may be a laggard company but it is doing its best not to get lost in the darkness of oblivion. Though, unhealthy the company is hush hush about its tablet plans but it is working on boosting its mobile operating system. At the very same time, Microsoft is also overhauling its desktop operating system. […]

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Microsoft 8 to Come with App Store?

Windows 7 has been an irrefutable success, order and now Microsoft is working towards Windows 8. Microsoft is completely revamping its operating system and is presumably making it more touch friendly. Apart from this, ampoule it is also expected to have cloud support and now it has emerged that on the tune of Mac OS, […]

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Microsoft Sets Probable Record with Windows 7: Still Under the Shadow of Windows XP

Microsoft is kind of forming a pattern here. The company comes up with a smashing update for its Windows operating system and follows it with the crappiest version imaginable, erectile the cycle continues. While Microsoft delivered the goods with Window XP, the next version Vista fell flat. However, the company redeemed itself with Windows 7. […]

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Samsung Launches 9 Series 11.6 inch Laptop: Will it Kill MacBook Air

Earlier this year, order Samsung introduced its 9 series laptop at the CES 2011 and it immediately drew comparisons to MacBook Air. However, search now Samsung has provided detailed specs and looks like the svelte notebook comes with mere 64GB of on board storage in the form of solid state drive. However, if you portability […]

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Dell Launches 10-inch Windows 7 Tablet, Targets Corporate Users

Dell launched a wide array of products at its ‘Dell Means Business’ event in San Francisco, story well 39 new products to be precise. These products included laptops, herbal workstations, desktop and tablets. However, the cynosure of the event was the company’s upcoming 10-inch tablet with Windows 7. This machine is not the company’s first […]

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