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Tablet Face-off: Apple iPad 4 Vs Nexus 10 Vs Microsoft Surface – Which One Should You Buy?

Choice and competition is a good thing for consumers. So with that in mind there’s never been a better time to invest in a tablet. Apple recently refreshed their iPad with more power and the new lightning connector, Microsoft has finally begun shipping the rather unfortunately named Surface, and now Google has just dived into the 10-inch tablet market with their Nexus 10 – but which one is best? Well, we’re going to try and find out with a gold ol’ fashioned Gaj-it face-off.

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iPad Mini Vs Kindle Fire HD Vs Nexus 7

Apple unveiled their newest member to the iPad family, the iPad Mini, yesterday. The tech giant is seemingly worried about the success of cheaper models from Google and Amazon, with the iPad Mini the cheapest tablet the tech giant has ever made – but crucially it’s still pricier than the competition – so which one should you buy this Christmas? Well, we’re here to find out.

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Gaj-it Face-off: Amazon Kindle Fire HD VS Google Nexus 7

Amazon and Google will be going head-to-head this Christmas as both companies are looking to make a mark in the budget tablet market with their 7-inch tablets: the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD. But which one gets you the most bang for your buck? Well, that’s exactly what were going to find out. It might be the case that this week a third competitor will enter the ring. But until the iPad Mini become reality we’ll blissfully ignore it for this face-off.

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Gaj-it Face-off: iPad 2 vs The New iPad – Which One is Right For You

Apple hosted the world’s tech journalists in San Francisco to show off their new iPad this week, the device is pretty much as many had expected – with 4G the only feature that probably wasn’t expected. But how does the new iPad really compare to the iPad 2 – which after the new announcement is […]

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Gaj-it Face-off: iPhone 4S VS Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung has taken the top spot for smartphone sales worldwide, and in the process toppled Apple from the top spot. They’ve achieved this by selling over 23 million units in the third quarter for the first time ever, fueled by the phone maker’s impressive Galaxy S2 – but many analysts predict that as soon Apple’s […]

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Tablet Wars: Android Honeycomb Vs iOS iPad

Having sampled the fruits of both the a iOS iPad and now a Honeycomb Android Tablet, with the Asus Eeepad – we thought we give you the low down what you can expect if you ever decide that you want to make the switch from Apple’s iOS and iPad to Google’s Honeycomb 3.0 on a myriad of different tablets on sale now.

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