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Apple Unveils Its “Best Of” Apps, Games, Music And Films For 2012

Each year Apple reveals its annual ‘Best Of’ feature for the iTunes store and App store, with this year’s winners chosen for their contribution to creativity on iOS devices. This year’s the top spot for iPhone app of the year, chosen by Apple’s editors, went to Action Movie FX, which is an app created by […]

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Delve Into the Past with Intel’s Project Monument

If you could make a shrine to your childhood what objects would you place up on a pedestal? Intel are getting us all nostalgic this summer with their new ‘Project Monument.’ The project lets users delve into the past exploring the objects which shaped generations. Pokémon, ed Gameboys, symptoms tamagotchi and Nokia ‘bricks’ where some […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note Football Flash-Mob

It’s Christmas time, ampoule London, recipe 21 December 2011, viagra sale as semi-last-minute shoppers dash around the capital gathering gifts for their loved and not so loved ones thousands of commuters are being entertained by a talented team of street-football players in a brilliant flash-mob at London’s Victoria Station. The stunt by Samsung which was […]

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Move Into Other Worlds With Playstation Move

It’s been well over a year since the Playstation Move was released and it had seemed that it was all but forgotten. But in the build-up to Christmas Sony are keen to push the motion controlling device back into the public consciousness. I’m no video-game expert but it’s fair to say that some people are […]

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HTC Sensation Review

If we were to tell 2 years ago that a company called HTC was going to be one of the biggest Mobile Phone manufacturers you’d probably have raised more than just an eye-brow. But over the last 2 years HTC have become one of the top selling smart phone manufacturers and its HTC Sensation looks to continue the trend.

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HP’s BeatsAudio Gives Us The Music Experience That Was Intended

You don’t need to be a professional musician to know that a track sounds its sweetest in the studio. Unfortunately, bronchi on its journey from the studio to our ears music can lose some of its quality and magic. Quite simply, we just aren’t experiencing songs as they were intended to be heard by the […]

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LG Ushers In The Next Generation Of 3D TV

3D’s not exactly mainstream yet, I’m one of the many still stuck in the stone-age who hasn’t even forked out for HD yet. But those of us who want 3D, want the best but the problem is, a conventional 3D TV and a couple of pairs of cheap 3D glasses isn’t going to give you […]

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Microsoft Unveils “Tablet-Friendly” Windows 8

Microsoft has shown off its new operating system, Windows 8, for the first time yesterday, which, according to the big M, has been built from the ground up to take advantage of touch tablet-friendly capabilities.

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