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iPad Mini: Is Apple Really Going To Do Tablet-Shaped U-Turn?

Apple is the king of the tablet market. But this doesn’t mean they’re resting on their laurels, quite the opposite in fact. It’s clear that they’ve cornered the premium tablet market with the iPad and now, according to some, it plans to take on Amazon and Google with a smaller budget tablet.

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Nintendo Announces 3DS XL: Will It Save The Ailing Handheld?

Nintendo took the gaming world by surprise this weekend by announcing a larger replacement for 3DS, called the 3DS XL. It’s surprising as Nintendo didn’t mention anything about it at their recent E3 presser – although it’s probably a shrewd move by Nintendo who clearly would have struggled to announce a new handheld as well […]

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Google Chrome OS: Is It The Future of Personal Computing?

There’s no doubt that Google is very brave to take on Microsoft and Apple with their Chrome operating system. Originallly launched last year the cloud-based OS didn’t really make the impact Google had hoped for.

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BBC iPlayer To Go Global

For those of you who live outside the UK and want to take advantage of the BBC’s on-demand service iPlayer, the BBC has confirmed today that they are planning to launch a global version of the service for the iPad only.

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New Version Of Samsung Galaxy S2 Incoming ?

The release of the iPhone 5 is the most discussed topic in the tech world at the moment. Everyone seems to think that the new blower from Apple will land in September – so much so that Samsung might well release a new version of their S2 to try and steal a bit of Cupertino’s […]

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Angry Birds

Angry Birds Goes Life Sized

Angry Birds has been such a phenomenal success it can be talked in the same breathe as Super Mario and Sonic the hedgehog and is the biggest selling game to grace the iPhone, iPad and now a many other platforms clocking an amazing 12 million sales worldwide – all this for a game that was made in Finland for £10,000.

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