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ISPs to Take Tougher Stand Against Online Piracy

Piracy is a big menace and there is no doubt about this. Various industries, treatment especially music industry, impotent have taken quite radical steps to curb this trend. But most of the times, and these tactics proved to be ineffectual and quite a few times, were outright ridiculous. However, now the suffering industries are enlisting […]

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Is Verizon iPhone Destined to be the “Bad Egg” of Apple Family? Sales Already Plummeting

After a long time of speculation, canada buy Apple finally launched its CDMA iPhone earlier this year. The Verizon branded phone sold-out on its debut, symptoms the feat which every Apple product is expected to accomplish. However, nobody could deny that despite its early success, the sales figure for the phones lacked that certain Apple […]

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Verizon Goes Proactive on Tracking Data Front: Microsoft Admits Tracking Users too

While Apple and Google have been summoned to testify before a Congress Subcommittee, prostate both companies are scrambling to gather the evidence that their creepy tactics are well, order just creepy and not illegal. Though Google should have learnt the lesson from all the investigations it had to face in various European countries, pharm seems […]

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Android Feels Verizon iPhone Heat but Apple Still Cut the Phone Orders in Half

There is no doubt about the success of Verizon iPhone, doctor however there is no consensus whether the CDMA phone reached dizzying heights of triumph which most of the Apple products reach! Either way, with the launch of this phone, Apple has managed to accomplish something different but equally good. According to a study conducted […]

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Verizon Semi-Confirms Integrated GSM-CDMA iPhone 5

Both Verizon and AT&T are out with their quarterly numbers and while AT&T proved that it can thrive even after losing iPhone exclusivity, order Verizon showed that it on its way to repeat GSM iPhone success story with its CDMA model. However, no rx financial numbers are not the only things which tumble out of […]

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Apple May Launch LTE Devices Soon, Says Verizon CEO

If Dan Mead, sale CEO of Verizon, pharm is to be believed then very soon you will be able to lay your paws on Apple LTE devices. Verizonconfirmed that it would be running Apple products on its LTE networks soon. These devices are likely to be iPad 2 and iPhone 5. Does this mean that […]

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Verizon to Offer Windows Phone from Late March?

Verizon Wireless already has iPhone 4 in its portfolio and looks like the carrier is planning to add Windows Phone 7 devices toits network as well. According to some rumors, sale Verizon may start selling WP7 devices by late March. It is expected to offer HTC 7 Trophy handset and the announcement date for this phone […]

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Motorola Xoom to be Sent Back to Verizon for LTE Upgrade

Motorola Xoom looked like a worthy opponent to iPad, anesthetist what with all its drool worthy features and less than palatable price tag.However, cialis viagra looks like this shiny tablet has got some chinks in its armour. Outrageous price notwithstanding, the tablet arrived sans Flash support and if this wasn’t disappointing enough, now there is […]

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