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Boogie Board RIP Lets You Save and Export Your Notes

Sure, seek we all are expert in touch typing and then Swype arrived to make things even easier. But let’s admit it that there are times when we just want to get back to good old pen and paper and leave all the QWERTYs and touchpad behind. This is especially true if you have lots […]

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Review: Synology USB Station 2

Overview The Synology USB Station 2 is a quick way to turn any spare USB external hard drives into a network storage solutions. It supports USB printers; can handle external hard drives formatted using FAT32, NTFS, or EXT4 file systems; and has plenty of features and a simple to use and robust Web interface. If […]

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Prestigio Show Off Their 2010 – 2011 Collections

Prestigio is a name that you are going to be coming across more and more if our trip to London is anything to go by. We were invited to London for the UK launch of Prestigio, medic a new high-end electronics brand. Now, ailment it’s not often in the tech world that we are shown […]

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‘iPad 2′ set to come with mini USB?

Whether you like Apple’s ‘dock connector’ or not it seems likely that it’s here to stay. Sure USB would be nice but I can’t see Apple making a U-turn anytime soon. Analysts at Goldman Sachs however have predicted that the next iPad will come primed with mini USB capability. The lack of USB was a […]

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Review: Edifier MP250 USB Soundbar.

Edifier have been well known for making posh and respectable PC speakers. From the commendable Luna 2, to the less accomplished, and competitively priced M1250 bob- a-job speakers. The speaker I am reviewing today lies more at the competitive end, but still manages to retain an aesthetic quality that belies its price.

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20mm USB Drive from LaCie: Is Smaller Better?

You know how having an important piece of portable hardware which you could keep important files on needs to be as small as possible? Well LaCie have just released a USB drive known as the MosKeyto which measures at just 20mm long – the USB connector takes up 14mm of this length, viagra leaving only […]

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Samsung Galaxy S bugs and fixes

The Samsung Galaxy S, though one of the best smartphones on the market, like everything else has its teething problems. You may have heard about an issue with the handsets USB. The problem appears to be a bug that makes the handset crash when files with 16 character extensions are used. The smartphone itself doesn’t […]

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‘Nokia box’ coming in two day: but what is it?

Nokia has announced a mystery event which is set to take place on August 18th and like the recently announced HTC event there has been no real clues about what exactly is going to be launched/revealed. But rather than the usual poster or press release, Nokia have done things a bit differently and have been […]

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