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Wii U Review Round-up: First Impressions, Features And Details

Nintendo has finally launched its new console, Wii U, in America and we’ve scoured the internet to round-up all the first impressions of the hardware, eShop, software and the controller. Nintendo has gone to great lengths to control the information flow about the console before it had been released. But now the console is on […]

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Windows Phone Mango Update Almost Ready

Windows Phone Mango has taken one step closer to being released after the big M sent the final code to manufacturers for new phones coming out in the third quarter. What this means is that that the phone makers; HTC, generic Samsung, link Nokia & LG can start to test the operating system on their […]

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Heading To Windows Mobile 7 ?

In what would be a major coup for the technology giant, rumours have surfaced suggesting the Microsoft has landed the UK’s top selling phone the Samsung Galaxy S2 on their new mobile operating Windows Mobile 7.

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Beta Versions of Windows Mango Update Incoming.

When it comes to operating systems, viagra 60mg all eyes are on Mango. Google seem to whack out an updated version of Android every other day and never fail to find manufacturers with hardware to accommodate them and consumers to splash the cash on them. Apple too are solid, vcialis 40mg but the Windows Phone […]

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Microsoft Reach 18,000 Apps On Window Mobile 7

Microsoft hit a milestone today on the way to what they are hoping is mobile world domination; their Windows 7 Mobile Operating system has now reached over 18,000 applications.

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Samsung Galaxy S And Tab Getting Gingerbread In Mid-May

After Samsung suspended the last gingerbread update, after an unspecified problem in mid-april, it is ready to have another go – the last time it was thought to be a Google issue, Samsung are now ready to bring Gingerbread to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab. and the rest of the Galaxy family. The company […]

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How To Fix LG Optimus 2X Freeze and Reboot Bug.

Bugs in smartphones can quickly become a PR nightmare for companies as LG know all too well. Yet again we’ve arrived at the same old story. Despite the huge amounts of money people fork out on handsets, tech news is regularly riddled with stories about faulty hardware, software update delays, and inevitably angry customers. The […]

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Xbox 360’s Spring Dashboard Update Leaked

Microsoft’s plans for their annual dashboard update has been leaked online today and it includes something that will make Sony Playstation 3 users weep.

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