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The SONY PMW-F3: The Camera Behind C4’s Cutting Edge FilmMaking

As you could imagine, therapy filming a ground breaking documentary such as C4’s ‘Mummifying Alan’ isn’t an easy and process and is one which throws up plenty of challenges. How for instance can you show enough detail to make the programme authentic and hard-hitting without being overly morbid or graphic? It’s an issue which impacted […]

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UK is the Most Digital Savvy Country in Europe

UK generally gets the rap for slow internet speeds and shallow penetration of broadband, denture but a new study conducted by Ofcom has given us some reason for cheer. UK has been found to be the most digitally aware country in Europe. UK nationals now spend more time online than the people of other advanced […]

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Apple to Offer Its TV in Three Different Sizes

Apple to Offer Its TV in Three Different Sizes

Apple is said to be working on a new TV venture and lately there has been a deluge of rumors about it. The latest wave of rumors is about the TV size. According to SmartHouse, there Apple is reportedly planning to offer its TV set in three different sizes. The entry level size is expected […]

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Apple To Release HDTV’s In 2012

More rumours about Apple’s possible decision to start making HDTV’s has surfaced again after an industry analyst claimed that the Cupertino company is likely to launch internet connect televisions in March 2012. It’s been rumoured several times that Apple might be considering putting their Apple TV directly into a monitor and analyst’s reckon it could […]

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Apple Prepping 1080p Movies For iTunes

Apple has always been a little slow off the mark to get 1080p content on it’s devices. They are famously unwilling to pay the license fee for Blu-Ray and only offer 720p movie rentals on iTunes. According to AppleInsiders their sources have told them that the current offering of 480p and 720p will be bolstered […]

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Jeremy Kyle On Your Smartphone! ITV Player For Android Is Here

The way we experience television is changing. The days of the TV guide are on their last legs as services such as catch-up-TV and Sky + allow us to be the master of our own schedule. But these days we are not only free from the tyranny of the Radio Times but we’re also moving […]

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Microsoft Planning Diamond Subscription For Xbox Live

We reported earlier this week that Microsoft may well launch a new TV streaming service on the Xbox – well rumours have surfaced today that suggest the new service may well come bundled with an all-new ‘Diamond’ subscription.

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Tablets To Become Third Most Popular Consumer Good

At the moment the vast majority of people are undecided on whether or not they need/want a tablet in their life. Research shows that very slowly consumers are beginning to replace their laptops and netbooks with tablets but the figures are small at the moment and it seems that currently people are still a bit […]

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