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10 Useful Apps To Get The Most Out Of The London Olympics 2012

After years of planning, preparing and just a little bit of complaining, the London Olympics are finally about to begin with the opening ceremony tonight.

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The Future Of Flying

When you’re in a city and you see the cars and buses crawling along, anesthetist horns beeping, viagra you can’t help but look up at the vast emptiness of the sky. Sure that’s got its own traffic but when you see the steamy scar left by an aeroplane, search it looks beautiful and there‘s nothing […]

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self propelled suitcase

Self Propelled Suitcase- tomorrows summer holiday luggage today!

If you tend to travel alot, then you’ll be used to the internal debate between packing too much to carry or wheel around, and the flip side of not having enough pairs of pants to get you through the fortnight. I fall into the overpacking trap nearly every time I go on holiday, and then […]

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walking house concept art

The walking house- because caravans just aren’t cool anymore.

I’ve been listening to ‘War of the Worlds’ recently. The musical, not the crappy Tom Cruise film. For those not familiar, Victorian London is attacked by Martians in big metal walking machines with heat rays. It’s got some kick ass songs, and rumour is it terrified the Americans when it was played on the radio, […]

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Spot GPS Satellite Personal Tracker and Messenger: The traveller’s lifeline.

Whether you’re trekking through the forests, order hiking up mountains or white-water rafting, medicine this should be an amazing and enjoyable experience. And a safe one! The Spot GPS is one of a kind and an absolute must-have for any traveler. Using GPS satellites, unhealthy this device can track your co-ordinates and with the click […]

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