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Top Tablets For Christmas 2012

If you’re unwilling to spend £500 on an iPad HD you didn’t used to have many of affordable alternatives, but thankfully in 2012 we’ve seen numerous new budget tablets enter the market, which has seen the overall price of tablets become a lot more affordable. Sure they might not be as quite as good, but for half the price they make for compelling alternative to Apple’s premium tablet.

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toshiba at200

Toshiba Brings AT200 Tablet to UK

Toshiba AT200, health reportedly the most anorexic tablet in the world, cough is finally here in UK. This ultra thin 10.1 inch tablet is only 7.7 mm thick. The tablet was announced at IFA in September last year. The tablet runs on Android 3.2 and has an LED backlit display with 1280 x 800 resolution. […]

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