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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Out Today: What’s New ?

Apple is releasing the latest version of their desktop operating system Mac OS X. Mountain Lion looks to right some wrongs from OS X Lion and moves the OS even closer to its mobile cousin iOS. While were still some way off a completely unified OS there are quite a few changes – so let us give you a guide on what you can expect.

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Microsoft To Launch Windows Kinect SDK Today

For all of you bedroom developers out there you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft is planning to release the software development kit for the Kinect sensor, erectile for all Windows users, bronchi at press conference today. The popular Xbox 360 controllerless controller has been a massive success story for home developers and professions alike […]

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The Daily Goes Live Later Today

The print media world is watching with baited breath as Apple and News Corps’ launch The Daily, the first digital only newspaper app, at 4pm UK time at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

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