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Dell sold to Microsoft, Silver Lake and Michael Dell for $24 billion

Dell computers – pending regulatory and stockholder approval – has been sold to Microsoft, Silver Lake, Michael Dell (the original founder of Dell) for $24,4 billion.

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Gaj-it Guide To 4G: When Will You Get Super Fast 4G Mobile Broadband In The UK?

This month will finally see the UK’s first 4G network launched by Everything Everywhere, which is a new 4G brand created by the parent company of T-mobile and Orange. 4G/LTE is short for Fourth Generation/Long Term Evolution and is a replacement for the current 3G network, offering substantial increases in speed and suffers a lot less from signal degradation.

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US Court Orders Samsung To Pay Apple $1bn In Damages Over Patent Dispute

A US court has ordered Korean electronics firm Samsung to pay Apple $1.05bn (£665) in damages for infringing Apple’s intellectual property. The decision stunned the courtroom as the jury threw out every single one of Samsung’s complaints and sided with the California tech giant on each of their claims after just three days of deliberation.

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: Is Your Handset Going to Get The Software Upgrade

It wasn’t that long ago that we ran through every conceivable Android device that would be getting Android 4.0. Well, we’ve move on from 4.0 and now we’re now on 4.1 so it’s only fair to run the through the main manufacturers again and check whether they’re making the move to 4.1 Jelly Bean – and it’s as we’d expected: a mixed bag.

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E3 2012: Nintendo, Microsoft & Sony Predictions

It’s a big time of year for the big three console makers as E3 is less than a month away, and with all three manufacturers seemingly having one eye on the next generation – it’s hard not to speculate about the impending announcements.

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Gaj-it Guide To Cloud Storage

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the tech world over the last 12 months you’ll have likely come across a new piece of tech jargon: Cloud Storage. While it has nothing to do with those fluffy things in the sky, it is the future of storage for all your important files – keep reading our […]

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Blackberry BB10 Roundup: What We Know About BlackBerry’s New Operating System

Nothing seems to be going right for Research In Motion at the moment. This week they got the tech world talking when they declared they would be focusing on business phones rather than trying to take on Apple at their own game. But as soon as the tech world had begun to digest this apparent […]

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Temple Run Finally Jumps On To Android

One of the most popular games on iPhone (no, not Draw Something), Temple Run, has finally made the jump to Android tablets and handsets, and can be downloaded for free from the renamed Google app store, Google Play. Temple Run has been one of the most sought after games on Android, but has suffered several […]

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