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Windows 8 Surface: Which Version Is Right For You?

With less than one week to go until Windows 8 upon us we’ll be spending most of this week getting you ready to make the switch to Microsoft’s most ambitious software update. But that’s not the only product that Microsoft is releasing on the 28th – there is, of course, the small matter of its Surface tablet.

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The Great Tech Traffic Jam

This month is going to be insane. We’ve already had a ridiculous amount of new smartphones, laptops, tablets and TVs from last weeks IFA. And while you might think that was enough there’s a tech traffic jam on the horizon which is sure to see load of great products lost in the scrum for coverage and traffic.

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IFA 2012: Our Top Tech Picks From The Show

IFA is Europe’s largest consumer technology show and this year’s show was easily the biggest yet and proves that consumers’ insatiable desire for shiny new piece of tech doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If anything it seems to be gathering pace despite the glum economic news. Here’s a our top picks of what impressed us at this year’s IFA – we’ve got desktop PCs, Smartphones, 4K Screens, Windows 8 Laptops and Cameras.

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Windows Phone 8: Microsoft To Take The Difficult Decisions To Take On Apple

Microsoft is embarking on one of its most important years during its lengthy history – this year, for the first time, they are going to release a new operating system for PC, phones, tablets and laptops – Windows 8 represents a first for Microsoft, they’re are looking to create an all encompassing software eco-system for all devices – for the first time the whole of Microsoft is looking to sing from the same digital hymn sheet.

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Sony Posts Record Losses: What Does The Future Hold For The Tech Giant

Sony’s apocalyptic fall from grace over the last 5 years has been startling. In the late 90’s and early naughties the Japanese tech giant couldn’t make a wrong move. It went from success story to success story – but more recently they have begun to fall behind their rivals time and time again. In the […]

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Steve Jobs: 10 Achievements That Have Changed The World

Irrespective of your personal feelings towards Steve Jobs there’s no doubt that he was one of the most influential people of the last 25 year’s. He changed the way the world interacts with technology and will be remembered for generations to come. His drive, personality and ingenious foresight propelled Apple from a basement to Wall […]

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How Steve Jobs Changed The World With Just 4 Products

With yesterday’s shock news that Steve Jobs is to resign as CEO of Apple from immediate effect we thought we’d take you on a trip down memory lane and show you how Steve Jobs managed change the world of music, telecommunications, computers, lifestyle and culture through his reign as the CEO of Apple.

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London Riots: Twitter, Facebook and BBM – Have They Helped or Hindered?

With London’s streets turning into the full-scale anarchy last night many media folk are starting to play the blame game. The usual suspects have been cropping up; the cuts, lack of jobs, pure criminality and quite surprisingly social media are all in the firing line. Last nights terrible scenes across the capital had echoes of […]

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