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Opinion: Has The Mobile Tech World Lost Its Ability To Really Innovate?

Apple’s innovative use of the touchscreen was one the main reasons why Apple took the mobile world by storm and became the tech goliath we all know and love. But with Apple apparently preparing a new iPhone just four months after the release of the last – has Apple and many other tech giants lost their ability to really innovate in the mobile space, and are they just going through the motions?

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IFA 2012 Preview: What’s Going To Be Hot At This Year’s Show

With the tech world seemingly on holiday Europe’s largest consumer electronics show is just around the corner. IFA takes place in the first week of September and is the first place to see what gadgets will be released this Christmas and beyond. We’ve scoured the worldwide web and unearthed a few clues of what is likely to be unveiled at this year’s IFA.

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barack_obama dem convention_w300

Obama Not Impressed By Tech At White House

President Barack Obama has slammed the tech at the White House as being 30 years old when he was recorded off the record at a fundraiser in Chicago. The most powerful man in the world was expecting to find the White House full of amazing tech, fancy buttons and hidden screens, but was left disappointed. […]

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Ford Piooneering Chocolate Inspired Weight-Saving Technology

Motor manufacturers are on a never ending quest to try and reduce weight and try and improve fuel efficiency, this is even more apparent this week where crude oil reached a sterling all-time high, Ford have announced that they have taken inspiration from the Aero chocolate bar to produce lighter plastic parts by injecting gas bubbles during the manufacturing process.

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Review: Westcott Green Screen

Have you ever watched the news? Of course you have. Well then, as an expert, you will know that at the end of the news, there tends to be a meteorologist flailing their hands about in front of a map of the UK. The reason for their flailing is that they have only a rough idea of where the various areas of the UK are in relation to there hands. You see the map is not there, it is added in by clever technology that replaces a green background with a desired image.

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Photoshop.com iPhone App

Adobe Launches Photoshop.com App for iPhone

The makers of Flash, the PDF file format and the popular Photoshop photo editing software, Adobe, has released a simple iPhone photo editing program which works in conjunction with their photo website Photoshop.com.

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Sandisk Sansa Clip+

SanDisk Launch Tiny Wearable MP3 Player in the UK

The market is full of MP3 players. Everything from cheap Chinese models to devices from the big names like Sony, Philips and Samsung. And of course not forgetting Apple with their iPod range. Now SanDisk (who are more famous for their flash memory card products) is launching their wearable MP3 player, the SanDisk Sansa Clip+, in the UK.

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3G Kindle Coming to the UK in Just 12 Days

Up until now owning a Kindle, the cool eBook reader from Amazon, has been the privildge of our Amercian cousins. But no more. Amazon have announced that the Kindle will be available in over 100 countries worldwide and will include free 3G connectivity so you can download books from the Amazon Kindle Store on the go.

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