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Xbox 360’s Spring Dashboard Update Leaked

Microsoft’s plans for their annual dashboard update has been leaked online today and it includes something that will make Sony Playstation 3 users weep.

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Xbox 360 Sky Player to Recieve Kinect Support

The Sky Player on Xbox 360 is due to receive Kinect motion sensor support on November 10th. This finally means the joy of flailing your arms will get a response from your TV to change channels or go through other menus. The Sky Player feature for the Xbox 360 has been around for about a […]

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Microsoft Announce Kinect European Date And Windows Mobile 7 Xbox Live Support

Microsoft have lifted the lid on the Kinect European launch date today, and confirmed Kinect will be available throughout all European territories on 10th November. But they have still failed to decide on the official price – are they planning to sell cheaper than the £129.99 predicted price point? Probably not. But why they can’t […]

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RIM To Add Full Flash And Silverlight Support To The Blackberry Browser

Details over the last month have showed that Research In Motion (RIM), the recently named fastest growing company in the world and the mastermind behind Blackberry, are planning to add full Flash and Silverlight support to the phone company’s browser. And just to state again that’s FULL Flash support not Flash Lite or anything. However […]

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T-Mobile G1 ‘Help Channel’ launched on YouTube

Now understandably, erectile not everybody is a techy whiz kid when it comes to mobiles, drugs especially those as advanced as the G1 and its rivals. So, herbal the nice people at T-Mobile thought of a ever so kind way to help out the troubled G1 users and launched their own ‘help’ channel on YouTube.  […]

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