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Headphonies – a stocking filler for music lovers

Are you buying someone an iPod/iPad/iPhone 4 or just anything with an audio output regardless of if it’s prefaced with ‘i’? Well as a little extra why not grab them one of these incredibly cute but cool speaker accessories, Headphonies.

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Ila Bag Hook – a last minute Christmas present for girlfriends and wives!

If you’re an average bloke, then chances are you’re still looking for something to buy the missus this Christmas. Excuse me the stereotyping, but if I’ve just described you then avoid the power tools, forget the Forget Me Nots, and put down the dodgy lingerie. Instead, get your lady something will use and appreciate – an Ila Bag Hook.

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snow in a can

Stocking Filler for When We Don’t Get a White Christmas

It’s getting colder, you can’t deny that. But I’ve just looked out of the window and been nearly blinded by the sun. so the chance of a white Christmas are looking slim. BUT with this stocking filler you can avoid tears on Christmas morning AND you don’t even have to go out and get cold. […]

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Video Review: Zibits – RC Robots

So in my quest for a daily dose of cute, I’ve been lucky enough to recently acquire a Zibit, an RC robot being pitched as ‘the new must have for every child, tech-lover and toy collector’. But are they good enough for a blogger with a love of robots and all things cute? Watch the video and find out…

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