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Sony Announces New Slimline PS3: Are They Worried About Nintendo’s Wii U?

Clearly slightly worried about the impending release of Nintendo’s Wii U, Sony has lifted the lid on their latest slimmed downed revision of the PS3.

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The Great Tech Traffic Jam

This month is going to be insane. We’ve already had a ridiculous amount of new smartphones, laptops, tablets and TVs from last weeks IFA. And while you might think that was enough there’s a tech traffic jam on the horizon which is sure to see load of great products lost in the scrum for coverage and traffic.

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IFA 2012: Sony Shows Off Xperia T Smartphone, Xperia S Tablet And 80-inch 4K Smart TV

IFA is Europe’s largest consumer electronics show and today’s opening has given us a bevy of shiny new piece of tech to salivate over – Sony was first to take the stage at the Berlin Messe to showcase their latest tablets, smartphones and TVs – here are the highlights.

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Gamescom 2012: Sony Fights Back With New IPs, Games And a Renewed Focus on Vita & Move

Sony took to the stage at this year’s Gamescom to unveil what it has planned for their Playstation brand over the next 12 months; they revealed a renewed their focus on improving their PS Vita, changes to the Playstation Plus service and a lot of new games. Including a slew of quirky new IPs, which Sony was so famed for during the Playstation 2 years.

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IFA 2012 Preview: What’s Going To Be Hot At This Year’s Show

With the tech world seemingly on holiday Europe’s largest consumer electronics show is just around the corner. IFA takes place in the first week of September and is the first place to see what gadgets will be released this Christmas and beyond. We’ve scoured the worldwide web and unearthed a few clues of what is likely to be unveiled at this year’s IFA.

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: Is Your Handset Going to Get The Software Upgrade

It wasn’t that long ago that we ran through every conceivable Android device that would be getting Android 4.0. Well, we’ve move on from 4.0 and now we’re now on 4.1 so it’s only fair to run the through the main manufacturers again and check whether they’re making the move to 4.1 Jelly Bean – and it’s as we’d expected: a mixed bag.

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E3 2012: Sony Revamps Playstation Plus, New Games and New Accessories

With Sony’s current financial woes you’d think they’d want to go out all-guns-blazing with this year’s E3 presentation – there were rumours they’d be leading the charge with a deal for a cloud gaming service, a revamped Playstation Plus and a host of new games to get gamers’ tongues wagging.

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E3 2012: Nintendo, Microsoft & Sony Predictions

It’s a big time of year for the big three console makers as E3 is less than a month away, and with all three manufacturers seemingly having one eye on the next generation – it’s hard not to speculate about the impending announcements.

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