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Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Gets FIFA 12

Electronic Arts released the latest version of its popular sports videogame FIFA 12. This Android edition has been specifically launched for Sony Ericsson’s game centric smartphone Xperia PLAY. The game has been optimized to make used of the phone’s uniqu2 gamepad. The smartphone has been certified by PlayStation for its gaming capabilities. Sony Xperia PLAY […]

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Sony Ericsson LiveSound Headphones Review

Sony Ericsson has just released the first pair of headphones that have been specifically designed for Sony Ericsson’s range of Android Smartphones.  The LiveSound headphones stick the tried and tested in-ear technology. Now we’ll concede that in-ear technology does have place in today’s market. We love over-ear headphones, personally – they produce studio quality sound […]

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Sony Ericsson Endorses Google Sync

Sony Ericsson Endorses Google Sync

Sony Ericsson is finally bidding adieu to its native sync service. According to a notice released by the company the Sony Ericsson sync service was developed keeping in view the older phones and the technology is not capable of serving new high End phones and hence is the service is being phased out. It has recommended Google […]

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Sony Ericsson Ready To Bring Android And Cyber-shot Together

Were so old that back in the day before Andriod and Apple ruled the roost of the mobile world, back when polyphonic ringtones were all the range – we used to get really excited about Cyber-Shot phones.

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Sony Ericsson Changes its Mind: Xperia X10 Gets Official Android Gingerbread

At the beginning of the year, clinic Sony Ericsson decided to be party pooper for Xperia X10 owners and announced that it will not support core OS update for the handset beyond Éclair. However, the company has finally bowed to consumer demand and has decided to update the phone OS to Gingerbread version. We can […]

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Xperia Play Set To Come With 6 Free Games

Just in case you needed any more of a reason to get hold of the Xperia Play when it hits stores on March 31st Sony Ericsson has announced that the Android running smartphone will come with a whopping 6 games built into it. There’s something for everyone with titles like Bruce Lee Dragon Warriors, erectile […]

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Vs iPhone 4

Let’s be honest, when you think smartphone, you think iPhone, just like tablet device makes you think iPad and MP3 makes you think iPod. It’s probably the most talked about smartphone and perhaps the most popular in terms of pure handset sales. Obviously there are an army of Android running smartphones out there (along with […]

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play UK Release Date And Price Unveiled At Play.com

The time for sepculation is over. The UK priceing and release date for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play AKA The Playstation Phone has been unveiled on Play.com If you haven’t heard what this beauty can do yet- PS games will be ported to the device, It will run on a powerfull 1GHz Snapdragon processor And […]

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