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Dell sold to Microsoft, Silver Lake and Michael Dell for $24 billion

Dell computers – pending regulatory and stockholder approval – has been sold to Microsoft, Silver Lake, Michael Dell (the original founder of Dell) for $24,4 billion.

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Google Nexus 7: 16GB Version Sold Out Amidst Complaints of Screen Problems

Google’s newly launched Nexus 7 tablet has been such a hit that the search engine giant has stopped taking orders for the 16GB version, but it’s not all good news as numerous reports have surfaced online about the quality of the hardware, especially the screen.

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MySpace Set To Be Sold

Myspace is the ugly third twin of the social networks, bought for over half a billion dollars in 2005 – it has been an un-mitigating disaster – now the preserve of unsigned musicians – it’s are far cry from it’s humble beginnings as one of the first social networks.

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Struggling Myspace could soon be sold or merged.

Poisonous right-wing demon and threat to Journalism Rupert Murdoch and his company News Corp (responsible for such evils as Fox News) are struggling to keep Myspace’s head above water. The once ubiquitous social networking site has just had to lay off half its 1000+ workforce and now MySpace management have confirmed that site could soon […]

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Stolen Call of Duty: Black Ops Games Get Leaked On Youtube

The copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops that were stolen from a printers in Alabama have now been confirmed to have been sold to gamers who just couldn’t wait in the local area. The games have already been played by the Black Market dwelling customers who posted videos on YouTube, ailment which has been […]

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