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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: Is Your Handset Going to Get The Software Upgrade

It wasn’t that long ago that we ran through every conceivable Android device that would be getting Android 4.0. Well, we’ve move on from 4.0 and now we’re now on 4.1 so it’s only fair to run the through the main manufacturers again and check whether they’re making the move to 4.1 Jelly Bean – and it’s as we’d expected: a mixed bag.

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Microsoft To Launch Windows Kinect SDK Today

For all of you bedroom developers out there you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft is planning to release the software development kit for the Kinect sensor, erectile for all Windows users, bronchi at press conference today. The popular Xbox 360 controllerless controller has been a massive success story for home developers and professions alike […]

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Google Tests Self-Driving Cars

Google has attempted to take transport technology one step further with their own self-driving cars. The cars are apparently being tested across the San Francisco Bay Area. Google is hoping that these cars will prevent the number of crashes on the road, cialis ed presumably meaning that if we all had this kind of car, […]

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microsoft office

Microsoft Office Available Free Online

Tech giant Microsoft has made an attempt to catch up to online giant Google by extending its Office suite of services online. Microsoft Live account or SkyDrive storage account holders can now access final versions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel Office Web Apps for free. The Web apps also come as part of Microsoft Office […]

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Adobe Lightroom 3 Released

Adobe has included a slew of improvements in its latest version Lightroom 3, try released this week. Creative-types can now take advantage of enhanced noise reduction, lens correction, image sharpening features as well as editing DSLR video files. The overall speed of Lightroom 3 is noticeably faster as well, to cope with ever-increasing photo and […]

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Crazy Talk 6 Pro Review

Have you ever wanted to make your cat sing? Did you ever want the furry ankle biter to say thank you for the roof, and the food? Well your luck might just have changed. As long as you have Crazy Talk 6 Pro installed on your computer, you can do just that.

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