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Q2: How Have Smartphone Manufacturers Performed?

Two giants of the Android running smartphone market Samsung and HTC are due to unveil their Q2 profits in the coming weeks and analysts are predicting big figures. CCS Insight analyst Geoff Blaber blabbed: “We expect second quarter earnings to reveal a widening gulf between the winners and losers.” Apple and Nokia are also set to announce […]

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The Downfall Continues: BlackBerry Loses 1 Million Subscribers in the US

The smartphone segment is becoming duopolistic with Android and iOS vying with each other. Sadly, look the other contestants are fast losing their importance. The quarter ended in May saw RIM losing about 1 million customers in the US. The loss becomes even harder to swallow when you consider Apple, erectile which increased its subscriber […]

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Nokia Unveils The New N9

As many had predicted, Nokia has finally unveiled to the world its latest handset the N9 at a Nokia Connection event in Singapore. It’s the company’s first stab at a handset that is running on MeeGo operating software, which is based on Linux technology – but surely is only a stop-gap before we see Nokia […]

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Samsung Galaxy S 2 Best Selling Smartphone In UK

Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy S 2 smartphone has gone straight to the top of the smartphones charts in the UK and knocked Apple’s iPhone 4 of its perch.

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Vodafone Put Smartphone Chargers In London Cabs

Ever had a few pre-drinks before a night out, medstore jumped into a taxi and realised you’ve forgotten your changer and your phone is guaranteed to run out before you even enter the club? Of course you have, we all have and unless you’re Lady Ga Ga who apparently has beef with being contacted when […]

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US Army To Create Android Running Smartphone For Troops.

The US Army is set to get its own smartphone and Apple and Microsoft won’t be happy as it’s going to be running Android. Apparently the phone will be “A prototype device running Android called the Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P Handheld), developed by tech nonprofit MITRE, is undergoing tests.” this will allow soldiers to quickly […]

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Gadget Show Live 2011: Hands On With The HTC Sensation

The Gadget Show kicks off to the public from today and the one and only piece of exclusive tech that probably hasn’t been seen by anyone was the HTC Sensation – which is their new high-end dual core smartphone. We were on hand to have it demonstrated by the chaps from HTC, featuring a laptop […]

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HTC Overtakes Nokia And Triples Sales In The Last Quarter

Taiwanese Smarphone maker HTC are on a flyer at the moment after it announced that they had tripled its earnings in the last quarter, thanks mainly to the boom in sales of its incredibly popular Android smartphones. According to a report on Bloomberg, the Taiwanese company earned £332 million in the quarter ending March 31st […]

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