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Opinion: Has The Mobile Tech World Lost Its Ability To Really Innovate?

Apple’s innovative use of the touchscreen was one the main reasons why Apple took the mobile world by storm and became the tech goliath we all know and love. But with Apple apparently preparing a new iPhone just four months after the release of the last – has Apple and many other tech giants lost their ability to really innovate in the mobile space, and are they just going through the motions?

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iPad Mini: Is Apple Really Going To Do Tablet-Shaped U-Turn?

Apple is the king of the tablet market. But this doesn’t mean they’re resting on their laurels, quite the opposite in fact. It’s clear that they’ve cornered the premium tablet market with the iPad and now, according to some, it plans to take on Amazon and Google with a smaller budget tablet.

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Apple To Release Smaller, Budget iPhone?

Companies seem to keep ignoring the massive impact price can have on product sales. There’s always people who are willing to pay top dollar for better quality and there’s contracts and data plans which can spread out the cost, discount but ultimately most people will be pushed away by a product if it has an […]

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