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Tesco Starts Broadband Price War with £2.50 a Month Broadband

Tesco Starts Broadband Price War with £2.50 a Month Broadband

While companies like Virgin Media are trying to capture broadband market by offering higher and better surfing speed, impotent Tesco is looking the other way. The retailing giant is planning to use price factor and started offering low price broadband connection to its Clubcard loyalty scheme members. These customers may opt for ‘unlimited’ broadband package […]

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BT & Microsoft Start Super Wi-Fi Trial in Cambridge: Uses Spare TV Spectrum

A Microsoft led consortium has embarked upon a new kind of trial in Cambridge, troche involving next generation Wi-Fi system.  The USP of the new trial is its ability to use 150 MHz spectrum, viagra sale which is maintained by terrestrial Televisions for avoiding signal interference. However, now this unused spectrum or “White Space” as […]

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Talk Talk Has Worst Customer Service

You don’t need me to tell you how frustrating it is when the internet grinds to a halt. It’s happened to us all at some point and usually when were booking holiday tickets, slaying a dragon or streaming a film. With a new internet provider popping up every few days it’s hard to know which […]

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Ofcom: BT Must Open Their Fibre Lines for Fair Broadband Competition

It seems Ofcom have plans our heavily BT dominant broadband land, after announcing that we are a long way off having great broadband in the UK. It seems Ofcom are going to be picking on BT to achieve this by attempting to get them to do the two following things: First, Ofcom want BT to […]

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Virgin Media Launches 3D Movie Service

Virgin Media has announced today the launch of a 3D-TV service to their customers, medic getting ahead of the game against Sky who are expected to release their own version in the coming future. The service simply called 3D Movies on Demand is powered by Filmflex where movies can be rented for 24 hour periods […]

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Sky Sports and Movies Customers Subscription Increases

If you thought paying a subscription fee to watch Sky Sports and Sky Movies was a causing a pinch in your pockets, it has been announced today that for all you avid Sky Sports and Sky Movies customers, Sky Sports customers face a £3 per month subscription increase from tomorrow, Sky Movies customers being hit […]

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Sky 3D TV to cure fear of spiders?

An estimated 50% of women and 10% of men have at least mild Arachnophobia symptoms. But don’t worry. 3D TV is here to save the day. Liverpool’s BugWorld Experience uses Sky’s 3DTV technology to project giant realistic spiders in order to provide a psychological method known as flooding or exposure which means that you confront […]

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AT&T ‘U-verse mobile app’ available for download

AT&T have announced that its ‘AT&T U-verse’ mobile app is now available at the app store. The app gives U-verse subscribers the ability to download and watch TV on their iPhone; making AT&T ‘the first TV provider to offer an integrated mobile app that allows you to  download and watch (selected) shows.’ The U-verse Mobile app […]

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