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UK is the Most Digital Savvy Country in Europe

UK generally gets the rap for slow internet speeds and shallow penetration of broadband, denture but a new study conducted by Ofcom has given us some reason for cheer. UK has been found to be the most digitally aware country in Europe. UK nationals now spend more time online than the people of other advanced […]

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Tesco Offers Double Delight: Offers DVD and Digital Movies Bundles

Tesco Offers Double Delight: Offers DVD and Digital Movies Bundles

UK video on demand market is on fire and Tesco is doing its bit to make it more competitive. Under this scheme, impotent if you buy a DVD from one of the Tesco stores, denture you will get the digital copy of the movie for free. Earlier this year, Tesco acquired 80 percent stake in […]

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Shopping On The Go: New Sainsburys Mobile Site

Apart from Jamie Oliver, who goes to Sainsbury’s? Even Morrisons is a bit small fry these days compared to the big two, despite Richard Hammonds and Take That. Anyway, enough about grocery stores and their celebrity endorsements. The point is, if you do in fact go to Sainsburys, you’ll be pleased to know they’ve ‘pimped […]

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Where To Get Your Hands On A Cheap 3DS

Come on let’s be honest you want a 3DS don’t you? We all do! Nintendo never cease to entertain us (no matter what our age or tech adequacy.) They always seem to have their finger on the pulse. Wii changed how games could be played (later to be appropriated by Sony and Microsoft) and the […]

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Will NFC Change How We Shop?

Sometimes shopping can be a bit of a handful, coins, cash-cards, loyalty cards, vouchers and then there’s whatever you’re buying. As technology develops shops are looking at ways they can making things quicker and easier for their comsumers. One of the hyped up technologies of this year is NFC and shops are starting to pay […]

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Nintendo Patent a Shopping List App for the DS: Could Shopping Turn Into a Game?

If you’re into making just about every aspect of your normal tech-free routines into a computer game, prostate pills well Nintendo may have an answer for your usual boring shopping routines. There are plenty of Smartphone users out there who might use a digital list when going around the supermarket but Nintendo seem to be […]

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Stuff Magazine Offer 3 Month Exclusive Trial to Readers!

I am sure you will agree that it is often the case that you always have to pay the price for things you love, However for all you gadget fans out there, this is something you can stay rest assured about. This is because, the generous people over at Stuff Magazine understand that feeding your […]

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No Credit Crunch Insight for Amazon this Xmas

It would seem that the credit crunch has not pinched into the pockets of us gadget lovers this Xmas as Amazon announce that its 2008 ‘holiday season’ finished as its best ever, with over 6.3 million items ordered worldwide on the 15th of December (a peak day for any online shopping retailer). Some of the […]

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