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Apple Rains on Galaxy Tab Party in Australia: Wins Reprieve in Personal Audio Case

Apple is getting lucky with the legal authorities. The Cupertino company has effectively put a stop on the sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia until Australian courts decide whether the South Korean tab infringes on Apple patents or not. Apple and Samsung had been embroiled in lengthy bitter legal battle. The skirmish has even […]

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iPad Disrupts Notebook Market: Likely to Remain the Big One

Apple has all the sales numbers to prove its dominance over the tablet market and if a report from research firm Ticonderoga Securities is to be believed then it is likely to continue its firm grip for quite some time. While given the fact that iPad 2 is still commanding a long waiting period, doctor […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab App Scaling Problem Solved

Because of the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s 7-inch screen, many of the apps which can be obtained from the Android marketplace don’t scale to the screen’s full size (most likely because the OS was originally intended for Mobile devices). Luckily, there is now a solution to this problem, allowing owners of the Android-packing tablet device to […]

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Apple’s iPad Hold A 95% Market Share In Tablet Devices

Apple’s iPad has been reported to be responsible for 95% of sales in the tablet market at this moment. This figure, clinic although sounds shocking, denture is actually no surprise at all, symptoms as the tablet market has had no strong competition until very recently. Expect the figure to shift in the coming months (or […]

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T-Mobile Accidentally Leak 10-Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Showing Windows OS

The 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab has officially been released in the UK today, generic viagra but a 10-inch model which has not been released yet has accidently been leaked by UK network provider T-Mobile. The leak, viagra sale which has already been removed from the T-Mobile website showed a potentially upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab, order […]

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02 to sell Samsung Galaxy Tab in stores and online from November.

O2 has announced that it will have the Samsung Galaxy Tab in its UK shops in November. The Galaxy Tab with its main weapon, Adobe flash looks like it’s going to be a big hit once it jumps into the tablet device battlefield that has unfolded in the past few months. It will ship with […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Uses Same Gorilla Glass Display as the Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to be available to all you iPad defiers out there soon, and we seem to know almost everything we need too about it. Well, one last thing we thought we’d point out before the Android-packing tablet device goes on sale is that it’s using the Gorilla glass display – […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab: Will a Chrome Update Be Able Replace Android?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been the most anticipated, prostate impressive and best rival to Apple’s iPad, which has definitely been helped by the great OS Android Froyo. However, there is a new report that you may be able to update the OS, but not to Gingerbread, but to Chrome OS instead. This was revealed […]

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