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Black Friday Sales: The Best Deals Around

Despite its origins in America, plenty of UK retailers are partaking in the annual US Black Friday sale, which sees retailer slash prices for one day only. Amazon, Asda and Apple are among companies that are taking part in the one-off sale – despite lots of UK shoppers not really knowing it exists. In the […]

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Comet Confirms Fire Sale, As Dixons Offers To Save Some Jobs

Everyone loves a good bargain, especially when it come to gadgets, and ailing UK tech retailer Comet has confirmed via its website that they will be starting a ‘fire sale’ soon in order to sell of its stock. Last week it was revealed that the company would be going into administration after its owner, OpCapita, […]

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Apple Announces £5.1 Billion Quarterly Profit As It’s Forced To Apologise To Samsung

Apple has unveiled its latest quarterly profits and while it missed Wall Street forecasts they did make a healthy £5.1 billion profit.

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best buy

Best Buy Shuts Down UK Business: Holds Fire Sale

Best Buy is bidding adieu to UK and while it is closing down its British stores and website, denture it is holding a liquidation sale of its stock. So, what does that mean to you? Oh, it means that you can avail up to 50 percent discount on some goodies you always wanted to buy. […]

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HP TouchPad Tablet for £89 Almost Sold Out: What are the Alternatives For Under £300 ?

Last week saw HP call time on its WebOS operating system and its family of devices including the Touchpad – over the weekend HP put the final nails in the coffin by having a fire-sale of its remaining stock. That saw the manufacturer drop the price of the tablet down to an ridiculously cheap £89 […]

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Nintendo Plan Price Cut For 3DS Amid Disappointing Quarterly Sales

Nintendo announced today that they have sold 700,000 3DS’s this quarter and blamed the slow sales on a number of factors.

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White iPhone. Out Tomorrow. 28 Countries. The Saga Finally Ends.

So we all thought, vcialis 40mg including me, remedy that the White iPhone was a gonna, well I’m willing to eat a piece of humble pie, and we can now confirm it will be on sale world wide from tomorrow. It has become the technology equivalent of Loch Ness. Did it exist ? Were Apple […]

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Amazon selling smartphones for $0.01

Amazon certainly knows how to put on a sale. When I think sale I think a pair of Jeans from £170 to £150 or a video game with £2 knocked of the RRP. In other words, rubbish. But Amazon on the other hand are selling four Droid smartphones models for $0.01. That’s right: The Motorola […]

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