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Facebook and Children: Parents To Get Power to Delete Their Kids Facebook Page

Life is built up of an intricate structure of hierarchies. Authority controls is from the minute we are born until we day. The Police, the State, our boss, there’s always someone telling us how to live our life and it all started with our parents. To be fair to the mums and dads out there […]

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Finished Helmet

A crash helmet that mimics the scalp only a year away.

Did you know that when you hit your head your scalp slides across your skull helping to deflect up to 60% of an injury? It’s a gross image but without it even minor head bumps could lead to serious injury. It works like this- It’s with that fact in mind that Dr Ken Phillips has […]

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Please Rob Me Site Reveals Foursquare Twits

A new website PleaseRobMe.com has highlighted the semi-obvious idea that by Tweeting your whereabouts you’re telling the world you’re not at home to protect your silver cutlery and candlesticks. Please Rob Me works by searching for updates from the online game Foursquare, which allows users to “check in” to different locations through GPS on their […]

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