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Toshiba’s Thrive Tablet Won’t Wake Up

The Toshiba Thrive is just another Android tablet. But in fairness it’s one that’s doing fairly well in the market and has tempted many Android fans into the tablet computer market. But there’s one thing you want to avoid when you’ve just released a new slice of hardware, viagra and that’s a bug. It happens […]

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How To Fix LG Optimus 2X Freeze and Reboot Bug.

Bugs in smartphones can quickly become a PR nightmare for companies as LG know all too well. Yet again we’ve arrived at the same old story. Despite the huge amounts of money people fork out on handsets, tech news is regularly riddled with stories about faulty hardware, software update delays, and inevitably angry customers. The […]

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McAfee Security Update Crashes Windows XP Devices

Thousands of computers running Windows XP have been reportedly crashing or constantly rebooting after a McAfee security update was downloaded and installed. The security update from the anti-virus software vendor had wrongly labeled part of the Windows OS as a virus, erectile which resulted in Windows XP device chaos. The McAfee 5958 update mistakenly identified […]

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