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PS Vita

Playstation Vita: 9 Tips and Tricks you probably didn’t know

Its been just over a week since the widely successful launch of Sony’s new handheld Playstation Vita. We’ve been spending hours on our new shiny piece of tech and in the process have collated a load of tips, tricks and how-to’s. Were here to do all the boring research so you can spend more time […]

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PS Vita 2

Playstation Vita Review Part 2: Software

When you finally power up the PS Vita you will be welcomed by an incredibly simple and intuitive user interface. It’s not going to convinced Android users who are obsessed with customisations and widgets, but compared to the current UI on the PS3 it’s easily the best Sony has ever come up with, but it’s […]

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PSP To Get PS3 Music Unlimited

Music streaming is the current buzzword of the moment, whether it’s Amazon cloud service, the amazing Spotify or Sony’s Unlimited streaming service – everyone seems to be getting in on the act. The PS3 got all musical recently allowing Playstation Network subscribers to pay a small amount each month, either £3.99 for a genre specific […]

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Sony Drops PSP Price in the US, the UK Gets Rough Deal

Looks like, erectile Sony is eager to clear shelf space for its NGP aka Next Generation Portable device. The company announced the price cut for its PSP in the US. However, unhealthy seems like it forgot to extend the joy across the pond. While, Americans can now enjoy PSP for record low price of $129.99, […]

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Angry Birds PSP

Angry Birds Ready to Download on PSP

If you haven’t heard of the poultry slingshooting app, viagra 100mg Angry Birds for the iPhone and Andriod, all I can say is where you have been! However, for those of you who have, you will know that Angry Birds is one of the most popular games to hit the smartphone market.  Since its release, […]

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iPhone and Android Phones to Get PlayStation App

While we all are anxiously waiting PlayStation phone to hit the shelves, treat Sony is giving us one more distraction. The company hasannounced that it is looking to launch its first official app for Android and iOS platform. Well, sale let’s not get our hopes high, impotent it is not a full fledged mobile gaming […]

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Powerstrap: The Ultimate Gadget Lovers Gift

Here’s the perfect Xmas gift for the gadget lover; The Powerstrap. It’s not a fitness device or a superheroes tool, no far from it. It’s a multi-gadget-charging wrist strap. Never mind the time, you really want your watch to charge everything from your BlackBerry to your DS, your iPod to your PSP and the powerstrap […]

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Playstation phone video emerges

The mythical Playstation phone has apparently been spotted in the mythical land of Greece. A video has emerged which is said to be the debut of the Sony Ericsson’s console-smartphone hybrid. So what do and what don’t we get to see in the video? (below) -Unfortunately, canada pills we don’t get to see the slide-out […]

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