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PS Vita 2

Playstation Vita Review: Hardware

If you’re a gamer of the hardcore variety then you’ll probably know that Sony released the follow-up to the PSP this week. Their new handheld, called PS Vita, went on sale on Wednesday in the US and Europe and we’ve managed to grab one. Billed as the most powerful handheld ever made it’s Sony’s attempt […]

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LulzSec is Dead, Long Live LulzSec

LulzSec, sale | a hacking group, sale which rose to infamy, pills thanks to its various breaching attempts which showed how vulnerable our major companies and government websites are, has announced that it will be disbanding itself. In the recent past, the group had been responsible for attacks on the CIA and Sony Corp. websites. […]

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Sony To Restore PSN In Full By End Of The Week

Sony has confirmed this morning that they will fully restore their Playstation Network in Americas, Europe, PAL Regions and Asia by the end of the week. You can expect them to restore the Playstation Store, In-game currency, voucher and code redeeming, music unlimited Qriocity and Media Go. According to Sony the “end of the week” […]

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Sony Admits PSN Won’t Be Back Until May 31st

Sony has finally come clean regarding when they will get the Playstation Network back online, and it’s as we predicted – the end of the month, May 31st to be exact. But we wouldn’t be surprised if it goes on for even longer, there’s no doubt that Sony won’t bring it back online unless it’s […]

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Sony Works on Restoring Network: Compensates Users

After facing tons of criticism regarding its reticence about the breach, view Sony held a press conference in Tokyo. The company president started off with an apology, link and of course it was very well due. He then proceeded to inform that the company is working on bringing the network back and it should be […]

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Original PSN Hacker George Hotz Denies Any Involvement In Current Downtime

Hacker extraordinaire, George Hotz, has denied any involvement in the current crisis to effect the Playstation Network. Hotz came to fame firstly for being the first person to jail break the iPhone, but became even more notable when his house was raided after Sony accused him of hacking and publishing the root key for the […]

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Sony’s PSN Still Down After 7 Days

Sony’s Playstation network is still broken a week after it failed and the rumours are getting more and more interesting to the cause of the downtime.

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Playstation Network Down Again. Sony Hacktivists To Blame ?

If you’ve been playing your PS3 online over the last month you may noticed that the Playstation Network has been going offline quite a bit lately. This has led to outrage on blogs, forums and even down the pub as many are now suspecting that the hacktivists Anonymous are behind the recent downtime. Users across […]

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