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iPhone 5 Design Leaks From China

What you see above is not the iPhone 5, but is a mock-up made at a factory in the same province where the actual iPhone 5 is being made. Could this be what the new Apple handset looks like?

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iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Prototype Spotted ?

A couple of pictures have appeared on Apple blog 9to5Mac which apparently show-off a prototype of the new iPhone 5. But the prototype appears to be in an iPhone 4 case.

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Rumour: Apple’s iPhone 5 To Come With 64 GB Of Flash Storage?

Two pets hates when it comes to technology. One. There is nothing worst than when you run out of space on your favourite device. How is anyone meant to choose between the latest Angry Birds update and Malcolm Tuckers lost phone application – this just isn’t fair. But this could well be a thing of […]

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The World’s First Eye-Controlled Laptop Is Created By Tobii

Forget using your hands to control technology, that’s old skool. A Swedish company is offering a taste of the future with the world’s first Laptop that can be controlled by the user’s eyes. Tobii, a company that develops eye tracking and control technology, partnered with Lenovo to build a prototype computer that responds to eye movements […]

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MacBook Air prototype: Apple to give us increased battery capacity?

Ever since the ‘Back to Mac’ event was announced, us and every other tech and gadget website in the World started pondering the possibility of a Mac refresh. The rumours were fuelled by the drying up of the latest MacBooks and after all it won’t be a huge surprise, Mac is due a refresh. We […]

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Nokia’s rare Star Trek prototype phone unveiled

Last year when the Star Trek film came out Nokia were heavily involved. There was the blatant in-film product placement and also the Nokia 5800 Star Trek edition phone. Now the special edition 5800 was frankly a bit rubbish. But deep in the secret Nokia labs, sales a much more interesting Star Trek mobile phone […]

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Microsoft Windows Enbedded Compact 7 Tablet Prototype Sighted

So we know that there isn’t a Microsoft mobile phone or a Microsoft tablet device yet – but Microsoft already have a prototype tablet working and have been showing it off at the Computex demo. It’s new Windows Embedded Compact 7, will support Silverlight, Flash 10.1 and a multitouch interface. Now there’s no suggesting that […]

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HMK 561 – a bike not a robot. Mostly.

Remember those cartoons where the Igor on the bike peddled to power the generator so the mad scientist could scream ‘IT’S ALIVE!!’? Well Igor would have it much easier with a HMK 561. The bike – which looks like Kit had relations with a Storm Trooper – has a carbon-fibre frame which distributes power from […]

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