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Facebook Caught Red-Handed Smearing Google Privacy Credentials

Facebook have hit the headlines week for all the wrong reasons after it was found to be behind a smear campaign against Google and it privacy practices.

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Is Facebook Safe? Symantec Reveals Leaked Accounts

Recently I had an email of Facebook thanking me for the purchase of thousands of poker chips. I don’t play poker on Facebook. Unsurprisingly then, next time I tried to log-in I had to go through a surreal bur admittedly ingenious security check in which I was shown a series of photos of my friends […]

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iPhone Has Been Secretly Tracking Users Locations

The affects of technology on our freedom and privacy is starting to become a big issue this year. Over the past few days we’ve looked at reports highlighting State control over search engine results, then rather worryingly the news came that Yahoo had backtracked on promises to keep their service the most free and transparent. […]

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Big Brother State: UK Internet Privacy Is Declining

A worrying report suggests that the government is going all Big Brother on us via the internet. With constant reports of the likes of China censoring Google search results it’s clear that some web users are having their privacy and freedom invaded by the state. However, we generally think we’re safe from the glare of […]

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Facebook suspends personal-information sharing feature.

It seems Facebook are at last taking privacy concerns seriously. There was panic amongst social-networkers that the website was becoming too intrusive and that privacy was at risk after a controversial new feature emerged that allowed third-party features such as FarmVille to gain access to your home address and mobile telephone number. After only three […]

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Facebook struggling to conquer Japan.

Facebook is big all over the world, right? Well, not quite. Surprisingly one of the few countries where Facebook is really struggling is Japan. Surprising because the Japanese are avid users of social networking, even mobile social networking, except they (quirky as they are) prefer to use usernames and avatars rather than real details/photos in […]

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Hacker beats 2G and 3G encryption

Using a simple computer, a home built transmitter and receiver, plus some readily available software, Chris Paget was able to develop a system whereby he could monitor any conversation using 2G or 3G technology. In the early 1990s came the second generation (2G), which switched from analogue to digital transmission, signalling a massive rise in […]

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Google Asked to Mark its Street View Cars

Google has been ordered to clearly mark its “Street View” cars by Italy’s privacy regulators. The regulators have also asked thecompany to publicize its itinerary three days in advance. Google is now under obligation to make such announcements on its website, asthma on radio and in local newspapers. The company will have to disclose the […]

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