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Sony To Unveil Playstation 4 On February 20

It’s well and truly on. The next-generation console race has officially started as Sony has just tweeted confirmation that they show-off “the future”, and the follow-up to the PS3, at a Playstation event on February 20.

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PS Vita

Playstation Vita: 9 Tips and Tricks you probably didn’t know

Its been just over a week since the widely successful launch of Sony’s new handheld Playstation Vita. We’ve been spending hours on our new shiny piece of tech and in the process have collated a load of tips, tricks and how-to’s. Were here to do all the boring research so you can spend more time […]

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PS Vita 2

Playstation Vita Review Part 2: Software

When you finally power up the PS Vita you will be welcomed by an incredibly simple and intuitive user interface. It’s not going to convinced Android users who are obsessed with customisations and widgets, but compared to the current UI on the PS3 it’s easily the best Sony has ever come up with, but it’s […]

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PS Vita 2

Playstation Vita Review: Hardware

If you’re a gamer of the hardcore variety then you’ll probably know that Sony released the follow-up to the PSP this week. Their new handheld, called PS Vita, went on sale on Wednesday in the US and Europe and we’ve managed to grab one. Billed as the most powerful handheld ever made it’s Sony’s attempt […]

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Reigns Supreme in Gaming Segment

Microsoft Xbox 360 Reigns Supreme in Gaming Segment

Microsoft has got a big winner in Xbox 360. The popular gaming console commanded 40 percent market share in 2011. According to AllThingsD, help gamers spent about $6.7 billion on buying Xbox hardware and games in 2011. The major share went towards the purchase of games at $4.6 billion. Remaining $2.1 billion was spent on […]

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Rayman: Origins Playstation 3 Review

Rayman: Origins is a nostalgic trip down memory to many gamer’s cherished 16-bit youth; a time where Super Mario and Sonic were king. Origins is special, rare and precious – full of vibrant worlds, which looks to recapture the innocence of gaming.  Rayman Origins sits at a polar opposite to the war torn landscapes and […]

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Move Into Other Worlds With Playstation Move

It’s been well over a year since the Playstation Move was released and it had seemed that it was all but forgotten. But in the build-up to Christmas Sony are keen to push the motion controlling device back into the public consciousness. I’m no video-game expert but it’s fair to say that some people are […]

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Playstation 4: What We Know So Far

Many expect this year to be the final swan song for the current generation of consoles with Nintendo already announcing their next-gen console, but what about Sony and Microsoft? Many insiders expect them to start making moves toward the next generation in 2012 – we run down what we know so far about the PS4.

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