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Will SOPA & PIPA Actually Stop Online Piracy ?

This week you’ll have likely come across two new acronyms: SOPA (Stop Internet Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act). They are new powers being discussed in the US congress which will give content owners the power to shut down any website that is facilitating or involved in piracy online at any level. The […]

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Music Sales Declining in UK

Things are not going well for music industry. Despite the emergence of powerful and popular artists, the industry is struggling to converts the numbers to cold hard cash. 2011 proved to be the consecutive seventh year to record decline in music sales. According to a report released by BPI, overall music sales declined 5.6 percent […]

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ISPs to Take Tougher Stand Against Online Piracy

Piracy is a big menace and there is no doubt about this. Various industries, treatment especially music industry, impotent have taken quite radical steps to curb this trend. But most of the times, and these tactics proved to be ineffectual and quite a few times, were outright ridiculous. However, now the suffering industries are enlisting […]

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London School Of Economics Says £40 Billion Losses From File Sharing Are Wrong

Last year the UK government rushed the digital economy act through Parliament, which outlined new ways to protect media industry’s from piracy and allowed draconian measures to be taken against internet users who have downloaded films, games and music illegally.

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Sony Advertise For Anti-Piracy Agents

The war between Sony and the hackers is heating up again it seems dishing out lifetime network bans wasn’t enough for the PS3 manufactures. They’ve now decided to call in specialists in an attempt to strengthen the defences of their console. Sony Computer Entertainment America has posted a number of job openings on its website […]

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Sony Takes Legal Action Against Playstation 3 Hackers

A Playstation 3 hack which unlocks the signing code of the console has pushed Sony into taking legal action against the hacker group that pulled it off. The hacking group in question, viagra 40mg named fail0verflow has over 100 members facing legal action for their involvement in the hack. The unlocking of the Playstion 3’s […]

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Mac App Store Hacks Open Piracy Opportunities

Hackers just love to see the different ways they can get to Apple, prostate and with the Apple Mac Store not even being open 24 hours, asthma one person has already found a way to get pirate copies of apps from the store. Dissidient, pills a member of the hacking community Hackulous (which infamously managed […]

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LimeWire Shuts Down Online Store: No Napster-Like Comeback Expected

It was a good run for the many pirates of LimeWire, but the massive P2P client was shotdown by the RIAA navy a little while a go now. If you were expecting a big legal return like Napster however, think again as LimeWire’s only legit store is also sinking fast (ok I’ll give the pirate […]

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