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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: First Impressions of Google’s New Mobile OS

Not only did Google unveiled the world’s first Nexus tablet, the search engine giant took the wraps of their latest version of Android Jelly Bean last week. Rather than wholesale changes, the new update is very much anchored in the realms of gentle evolution, rather than major revolution – here are the main highlights.

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Windows Phone 8: Microsoft Outlines Its New Focus For The Burgeoning OS

Not only has Microsoft finally unveiled its attempt at de-throne Apple’s iPad with their Surface tablet, the software giant lifted the lid on Windows Phone 8 – the latest update to their mobile operating system.

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WWDC 2012: Apple Unveils OSX Mountain Lion

Not only were Apple on hand to show off their latest MacBook and iOS 6, the Cupertino company detailed what you can expect from their next version of OS X, called Mountain Lion. Here is a rundown of some of the top new features that you’ll find in the 9th release of the Mac operating system, which is expected to be release in July via digital download.

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Google Chrome OS: Is It The Future of Personal Computing?

There’s no doubt that Google is very brave to take on Microsoft and Apple with their Chrome operating system. Originallly launched last year the cloud-based OS didn’t really make the impact Google had hoped for.

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Blackberry BB10 Roundup: What We Know About BlackBerry’s New Operating System

Nothing seems to be going right for Research In Motion at the moment. This week they got the tech world talking when they declared they would be focusing on business phones rather than trying to take on Apple at their own game. But as soon as the tech world had begun to digest this apparent […]

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PS Vita 2

Playstation Vita Review Part 2: Software

When you finally power up the PS Vita you will be welcomed by an incredibly simple and intuitive user interface. It’s not going to convinced Android users who are obsessed with customisations and widgets, but compared to the current UI on the PS3 it’s easily the best Sony has ever come up with, but it’s […]

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How Open are the Open Source OSs: Android is the Least Open One

Android often gets reprimanded for its restrictive practices despite being an Open Source OS. And now a new report released by VisionMobile has confirmed the status. The study entitled ‘The Open Governance Index’ analyzed various open source systems such as Android, clinic Symbian, viagra cheap MeeGo, Linux and WebKit. VisionMobile then ranked these projects on […]

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Windows Phone Mango 7.5 Review

Microsoft has finally finished rolling out their Mango 7.5 update for their Windows Phone mobile operating system. Like with any mobile OS, there are always changes and upgrades that can be made. Let’s not forget that Apple famously patched iOS to add some glaring omissions like copy and paste to its iPhone. And Mango 7.5 […]

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