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Mac OS X Lion Review: Everything You Need To Know

Apple launched their new Operating System OS X Lion yesterday and is the first time the Cupertino Company has offered the new OS as a day-one download, with a physical release later next month – here’s our thoughts on the new touchy feely operating system.

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Apple OS X Lion To Be Released July 14th

Apple’s hotly anticipated release of their latest desktop operating system OS X Lion is set to happen next week on July 14 according to internet reports. According to Apple Insider, Apple’s retail staff have been told to make RAM upgrade to in-store Mac’s by no later that Sunday 10 July. The news comes from insiders […]

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Windows Phone Connector Beta for Mac Released

If you were a Mac owner who wanted a Windows Phone 7 Device but were worried about compatibility between the rival company products you needn’t worry anymore, prostate Microsoft has just launched the public beta for an app called the Windows Phone Connector. The Windows Phone Connector is a free app which allows you to […]

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Microsoft Announce Windows Phone 7 to Mac Syncing Software

It seems that Microsoft and Apple are actually acting a little rationally with each other for once in a blue moon, vialis 40mg by actually accepting people can have one of their products, abortion | but may not have them all. What I am referring to in this instance anyway is that there will be […]

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Android Notifier: Sends Notifications to OS X Desktops

When using an Android device, health their notification system (although very useful) can become a clustered and confusing mess if you don’t keep up with everything that’s going on. It seems however that a new Android Notifier which sends your notifications via WiFi or Bluetooth to your OS X desktop (with Linux support on the […]

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Snow Leopard Selling Faster Than Leopard!

Undeniably, Apple’s new breed of software Snow Leopard is not flying off the shelves but after two weeks of sales, early signs are good and are far exceeding predictions selling twice as much as Leopard did and four times as much as Tiger did. This is what the NPD group found, which does it’s best […]

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Snow Leopard’s Big Arrival!

This weekend was a big one for Apple, as on friday (28th August) Snow Leopard was released. By now as the weekend has passed you should of had chance to play around with it if you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on a copy. Gaj-It would like to ask you what you think […]

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Snow Leopard Release = August 28th!

How many rumors/ Speculations have you heard in the rumor world over the last couple of weeks about Apples new Snow Leopard? I could answer that for you….A lot! But amongst this, ampoule the online Apple Store went down yesterday morning very sneakily, pills | only to be re-sparked later with new Snow Leopard release […]

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