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Facebook Phone: Facebook Considering Making A Smartphone As It Considers Buying Opera

With Facebook’s controversial IPO now finished the social networking company is thought to be considering a Facebook mobile phone, and is already recruiting engineers who have experience with mobile devices, according to a story published in the New York Times on Sunday.

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Browser Elitism: Opera Users are Smarter than IE Users

Internet Explorer users have long been branded dumb by the users of so-called smarter browsers like FireFox and Chrome. However, price a study conducted by AptiQuant, sale a psychometric consulting firm, shows that it just might be true that IE users are indeed a little dumber than the others. The report suggests that people with […]

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Opera: An Adults Only Browser, According To Apple

Today Opera announced that their browser has become the first third-party internet browser available on iOS via the App Store (though it could be previously downloaded from the Opera website.) What’s truly strange about this is not that Apple have actually let something into their precious little store for once, viagra 100mg but that they […]

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Opera Browser iPhone App Gets Over 1 Million Downloads

On its first day in the Apple App Store, pill Opera Mini has become the most popular free download with over a million people getting their hands on the browser. Opera Mini provides an alternative to Safari, and its popularity suggests that iPhone users have been waiting for another big-name web browsing option for some […]

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Which Web Browser Should I Use? Web Browser Review

ccording to the statistics you are probably reading this article using Internet Explorer. The dominance of IE has worried some in recent times including the European Union who consider Microsoft position as a monopoly, especially since when you start your new PC the only web browser available is Internet Explorer. This probably means you will start using it and stick with it. But there are a whole bunch of alternatives out there and most are better than IE. Here is a look at the other main web browsers available today.

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Internet Explorer Usage Down 11.4%; Windows 7 E Coming to Europe without IE

Internet Explorer Usage Down 11.4%; Windows 7 E Coming to Europe without IE

The latest browser figures which have just been released are showing that the dominance of IE has been eroded further with Firefox the main opponent and Safari and Chrome the bubbling away in the background. Mozilla is hoping that their market-share will increase further with the release of Firefox 3.5 which, since its debut, has been downloaded nearly 14 million times.

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