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CES 2013: TVs, TVs and more, you guessed it, TVs

CES 2013: TVs, TVs and more, you guessed it, TVs

OLED TVs have been promised for years and each time CES comes around the world’s top TV manufacturers say “they’re coming, no really they’re coming” well apparently this year is different: they’re finally available to buy – if you have very deep pockets, of course. Apparently LG has begun taking orders for its 55-inch 1080p display […]

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4K To Now Be Known As ‘Ultra High Definition’ & Why It’s Good News For 3D

Just as we’re getting used to the term 4K, there the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has decided to rebrand all new 4K Home Cinema displays as “Ultra High Definition” or “Ultra HD”. The CEA’s board of industry experts voted unanimously to change the name and all subsequent branding to “Ultra High-Definition”, buy which will now be on […]

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CES 2012 Round-up: Sony, Microsoft and LG

CES is underway and we’ve collated the best of the best of what’s has been shown off in the first day of the technology marathon. We’ll be giving you first hand details on what Sony, Microsoft and LG has to offer in 2012 and beyond. Sony Everyone, including us, thought that Sony would take to […]

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PSP2 To Have 3G And OLED Screen ?

More juicy details have come our way regarding Sony’s new PSP2, the current rumours doing the rounds are that the new handheld with come with OLED screen and 3G network connectivity.

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IFA 2010: Panasonic 3D Camcorder, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Toshiba Folio, ViewSonic Tablet and More…

IFA 2010 is in full swing and we are going to give you low down on what has caught our eye including the world’s first 3D camcorder from Panasonic, the Galaxy tablet from Samsung, Toshiba’s Folio, ViewSonic’s tablet and LG’s 2.9 mm thick OLED. Panasonic were in bullish mood about their focus for the next […]

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LG to Reveal 31-inch 3D OLED TV at IFA 2010

With just three days to go until the IFA consumer electronics convention in Berlin, it seems leaks are still eager to get out there about forthcoming products to be announced at the event. A huge 31-inch OLED TV from LG which will be 3D ready has been revealed and it’s looking to be a very […]

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PHILIPS FLUID: a look at the phone of the future?

There have been some wacky concept smartphone/mobilephone handsets floating around the web. Remember the Sony Ericsson concept flip phone that ‘flipped both ways’ and could be detached into two Bluetooth walkie-talkies? Well as much as we like that it’s been well and truly beaten by the latest Philips concept handset. Providing us with a peak […]

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Gaj-it Guide to Next Weeks IFA Consumer Electronics Show 2010

Next week the Gaj-it team will be reporting live from of the world’s largest consumer electronics show, IFA, in Berlin. With a shed-load of new tech that is going to be unveiled for the first time to the tech press we’re planning to scour every inch of the show-floor to get the latest news, pictures […]

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