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Windows 8 Surface: Which Version Is Right For You?

With less than one week to go until Windows 8 upon us we’ll be spending most of this week getting you ready to make the switch to Microsoft’s most ambitious software update. But that’s not the only product that Microsoft is releasing on the 28th – there is, of course, the small matter of its Surface tablet.

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Office 2013: An In-Depth Look At Microsoft’s New Office Suite

Microsoft is on a bit of a roll at the moment, everyone sat up and took notice of their innovative Surface tablet, Windows 8 is getting positive reviews for its forward-thinking user interface and now it’s time for Microsoft to unveil its latest version of Office.

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Rumour: Apple Patents NFC Tech For Future Devices

It wouldn’t surprise us if Apple has their own special chair and office and the patent office in Los Angeles, today’s patent refers to NFC or as we like to call at Gaj-it HQ no-one f****** cares, it is essentially the same tech you might find on your chip and pin card or Oyster card, but doesn’t require physical touching of the receiver.

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Word On The Cloud: Microsoft Office 365 Goes Beta

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Microsoft Onenote finds its way onto the iPhone.

Microsoft has managed to sneak an Office application onto arch-rival Apple’s Iphone. It’s not one of the big boys like Word or Powerpoint though. It’s little known app Onenote which, in case you haven’t guessed is a note-taking application designed for shopping lists, trip planning, classrooms etc which some may find very useful indeed. The […]

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Google’s offices raided by cyber police

What are Google and their street view cars like? Don’t get me wrong I think Google’s street view is a fantastic tool. You drop the little green man onto the map and you can wander around the streets as if you were there. Want to see what your friends new flat looks like? You can. […]

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Microsoft Office Available Free Online

Tech giant Microsoft has made an attempt to catch up to online giant Google by extending its Office suite of services online. Microsoft Live account or SkyDrive storage account holders can now access final versions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel Office Web Apps for free. The Web apps also come as part of Microsoft Office […]

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Microsoft Banned From Selling Word In The USA

Microsoft Word, that word processor program that you use to do ALL your writing work on has been banned from being sold in the US. Like for real. Within 60 days, and if you live in the US, you won’t be able to buy the fabled program from Microsoft any longer. This all came about […]

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