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Repost to Facbook and click Like for the ultimate in irony…

You know you’re a Facebook addict when you find yourself in real life looking for the like button after your friend has just announced their engagement/ got a new job/ bought peas from ASDA. If that sounds familiar then this is the gadget for you. The guys at Nation, a design studio based in London, […]

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Gift Guide: World Cup Essentials

On Friday, the world will cease to function. Planes will fall out of the sky, phones will ring unanswered, and tumbleweeds will roll past playgrounds. Nuclear holocaust? No –

The World Cup.

You’ve still got a week, so get yourself well prepared with the gadgets inside…

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USB Panic Button: Play Games at Work

How often do you get so annoyed with work that you just have to go and surf the net to keep your sanity in tact? Well if you’re on this site now, chances are that you do this quite a bit. The USB Panic Button is an ingenious device that will let you surf and still save your job.

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USB Microscope: zoom in on your desk dustmites

Remember being eight-years-old and zooming in on an ant or a piece of dandruff on that plastic microscope that you received for your birthday? Well now you can relive those days of questioning and experimentation with the USB Microscope, which is the perfect device to wile away the hours at work.[…]

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