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Opinion: Has The Mobile Tech World Lost Its Ability To Really Innovate?

Apple’s innovative use of the touchscreen was one the main reasons why Apple took the mobile world by storm and became the tech goliath we all know and love. But with Apple apparently preparing a new iPhone just four months after the release of the last – has Apple and many other tech giants lost their ability to really innovate in the mobile space, and are they just going through the motions?

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London Riots: Twitter, Facebook and BBM – Have They Helped or Hindered?

With London’s streets turning into the full-scale anarchy last night many media folk are starting to play the blame game. The usual suspects have been cropping up; the cuts, lack of jobs, pure criminality and quite surprisingly social media are all in the firing line. Last nights terrible scenes across the capital had echoes of […]

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Sony To Restore PSN In Full By End Of The Week

Sony has confirmed this morning that they will fully restore their Playstation Network in Americas, Europe, PAL Regions and Asia by the end of the week. You can expect them to restore the Playstation Store, In-game currency, voucher and code redeeming, music unlimited Qriocity and Media Go. According to Sony the “end of the week” […]

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White iPhone 4: Is It or Isn’t It Coming Out ? The Plot Thickens

It was reported last week that Apple had removed all evidence of the much-beleaguered White iPhone 4 from its web store – leading everyone to guess that Apple had given up on the White iPhone. Well news has just come in from Bloomberg that is suggesting that it will be available to buy from the […]

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Microsoft Scammed Out Of Millions Of Xbox Points

Users of Microsoft’s Xbox live are at the centre of scam that allowed certain users to exploit the system and make away with a virtual heist of Xbox points that can be used to buy digital content. Early reports this week suggested that as much as 1.2 million dollars worth of points had been stolen […]

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Microsoft Announces Summer of Arcade 2010

The summer months are notoriously slow months for the games industry with so many games launched around Christmas time. Last year Microsoft launched a new set of games that would be launched during the summer months on Xbox Live Arcade. And they have just announced their plans for this summer. The first game to arrive […]

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