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Google Maps Back On iOS – Download It For Free Now

It’s back, it’s back, it’s back. Finally, after three months of millions of people getting lost and even more getting really frustrated with Apple, and their inability to the create a mapping app that their users can really rely on. Google Maps is finally now available to download, for free, on the App Store. Users […]

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Gaj-it Guide: How To (Almost) Get All of The New iOS 6 Features On Your iPhone Now

With iOS 6 a few months away we thought we’d do our level best to get you all the new functions found in the update: today – that’s right – you’ll could have almost all the features and functions found in iOS 6 today rather than waiting until Autumn. All you have to do is […]

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: First Impressions of Google’s New Mobile OS

Not only did Google unveiled the world’s first Nexus tablet, the search engine giant took the wraps of their latest version of Android Jelly Bean last week. Rather than wholesale changes, the new update is very much anchored in the realms of gentle evolution, rather than major revolution – here are the main highlights.

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Temple Run Finally Jumps On To Android

One of the most popular games on iPhone (no, not Draw Something), Temple Run, has finally made the jump to Android tablets and handsets, and can be downloaded for free from the renamed Google app store, Google Play. Temple Run has been one of the most sought after games on Android, but has suffered several […]

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Apple Thunderbolt Cable And Devices Now Available

If you have bought a new iMac or new Macbook you probably have noticed a new port on the side of your device – well it’s a Thunderbolt port – but up until today it was pretty much useless.

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The Hype Machine Finally Launches iPhone App

Music blogs have become big business in the music world – they are now the tastemakers that was once the preserve of AR people at labels, part of this revolution has been down to an amazing website the Hype Machine.

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