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European Union Draws Up New Plan for e-Waste Disposal

We love our shiny new tech toys, discount but how about the old ones? Electronic gadget disposal is fast becoming a big environmental issue and now European Union has decided to tame the beast. According to a new plan recently approved by European Union, order electronics retailers are now under legal obligation to accept electronic […]

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Tablet Owners Spend More on Online Purchases than Smartphone Owners

e-Commerce is growing by leaps and bounds and people are splashing money on online purchases through not only desktops and laptops but also via their smartphones and tablets. According to a latest survey conducted by Adobe Digital Marketing Insights, buy tablet owners trump when it comes to spending money on online purchases. Tablet owners tend […]

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Intel to Spearhead New Class of Hybrid: Here Comes “Ultrabook”

Like many of the tech behemoth of yore, anesthetist Intel is also trying its best not to be left behind. Though, asthma the task is getting more and more difficult. In order to remain relevant in present dynamic times, rx Intel has now come up with a laptop which combines tablet feature. Jeez, who would […]

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Google Chrome NoteBooks: A Look At The Future Of Cloud Computing

After nearly two years of development Google are finally ready to release their most interesting project to date Google OS Notebooks.

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