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MSI Unveils Windows 7 and Android Tablets

Computex 2011 is getting to see tons of new tablets. Most of these tablets are running different versions of Android, drug but there are a few like MSI which dare to venture beyond the chartered territories. The company has introduced the revamped version of its original WindPad tablets and one type runs Windows 7. However, […]

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MSI Wind U110 ECO

15+ Hours Battery Life Comes To Netbooks Thanks To New MSI Wind U110 ECO

One of the obvious advantages of netbooks are their size. They are very portable and can be used just as much on the move as well as at a desk. But to be used on the move you need a battery and a battery that only lasts an hour or so kinda of kills the idea of a netbook. Many netbooks have great battery life, but MSI have just launched the new MSI Wind U110 ECO with a reported battery life of 15+ hours!

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MSI X-Slim X340; Extra Slim Laptop

The MSI X-Slim X340 wants to be slim, it is designed to be slim and slim it is. It is just 19.8mm at its thickest point, making is just slightly thicker than the MacBook Air. The MSI is also a few grams lighter than the MacBook Air which means the MSI marketing department came up with the slogan it is ‘lighter than Air’.

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Review of the MSI Wind, an Eee Contender?

Overview Every man and his dog are making rivals to the Asus Eee pc but is it time for the Asus to say ‘Eeeeek!’ (If you don’t know what the Eee pc is you can check out my review here) Now comes into the race the MSI Wind, this ultra portable notebook will compete head-on […]

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