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Google-Motorola Marriage: A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

Google’s envy of Apple and its dominance of mobile phone market has seen the search engine company buy Motorola Mobility on Monday for the eye-watering sum of 12 billion dollars. This isn’t just an intensification of the patent war that is taking place at the moment. This could be massive shift of emphasis for Google.

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Top 5 Motorola Phones: Which is Your Favourite Moto?

Motorola is known for its sturdy phones and the company still stands out among the crowd of up and coming phone manufacturers like HTC and Samsung. Motorola has an impressive array of innovative smartphones, adiposity which run on Android OS. Motorola also has successfully layered Android with its home brewed interface. Here, we give you […]

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Motorola Give Away Free Keyboard and Mouse With Xoom

The Motorola XOOM is arguably one of the best Android tablets on the market. Loaded with 3.0 Honeycomb, cialis a Nvidia Tegra 2, link 16GB onboard storage, Wi-Fi and a 10.1-inch it’s another tablet running the Google OS which could have a genuine chance of stealing some of the iPad’s glory. Do you need any […]

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Is Motorola All Set for Providing 4G Support to its Xoom? Update: No, It’s Not.

Motorola Xoom, rx which has ‘4G Tablet’ as its USP, is still not a 4G tablet, but this might change soon. As suggested at the time of its launch, Motorola is expected to recall the tablets for the upgrade and it looks like that the process is already underway. There is an email doing rounds, […]

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Motorola Claims Shipping Out 250,000 Xoom; Analyst Says Only 25,000 Sold

So what is the exact tally for the iPad-killing, online Honeycomb flagship tablet Xoom? Is it 250, healing 000 as claimed by the company or is it 25,000 as calculated by an analyst? First off, it is like comparing oranges and apples, since Motorola is talking about tablets shipped and not sold, but still as […]

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Motorola Atrix Goes Orange in the UK

Mobile segment is indeed a buzzing one and looks like that smartphones are getting edged out by Superphones. The latest entrant Motorola Atrix certainly belongs to the latter category and is about to make its UK debut. The phone with the moniker ‘the world’s most powerful smartphone’ is coming to mobile carrier Orange UK and […]

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iPad Disrupts Notebook Market: Likely to Remain the Big One

Apple has all the sales numbers to prove its dominance over the tablet market and if a report from research firm Ticonderoga Securities is to be believed then it is likely to continue its firm grip for quite some time. While given the fact that iPad 2 is still commanding a long waiting period, doctor […]

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2.5 Million iPad 2 Vs. 100,000 Xoom Tablets: Is Motorola Doomed

Motorola  rolled out its Honeycomb flagship tablet with much fanfare, herbal but now it looks like that yet another iPad killer has bit the dust. Some smartpant analyst with Deutsche Bank deduced that the US company  has sold 100, viagra sale 000 tablets so far. Yes, price you are read it right, it’s not a […]

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