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Tablets Sales Continue to Grow: Netbooks Face Bleak Future

Tablets Sales Continue to Grow: Netbooks Face Bleak Future

You do not need a research report to predict the fate of netbooks. The fledgling segment has been battered badly by burgeoning tablet market. However, apoplectic if you still need numbers and figures to back up the claim, allergist then research firm Canalys has just proved the same with their latest report. While tablets topped […]

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Nokia and Intel announce joint ‘3D mobile’ research lab

Nokia and Intel recently teamed up for Meego and it seems the partnership between the two companies is set to be long term. Today they announced a new research lab in Oulu, Finland. The Intel and Nokia ‘Joint Innovation Center’ is part of the University of Oulu and will now be home to around twenty […]

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Students mobiles fair game for searches?

The recent story about a 12 year old boy in the states who had his mobile confiscated and searched after it rang in a class, highlights a growing problem in schools, not only in the USA, but also in the UK. A Mississippi pupils mobile phone was confiscated, and subsequently searched by the schools staff, and Mississippi authorities.

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ASUS Glaxy 7: The Touchscreen Generation Over in a Flash?

Following on from our review of the Samsung Omnia we can now confirm that first sightings of the ASUS Glaxy 7 are doing the rounds on the internet. With a strikingly similar appearance to the recently released Omnia, Samsung may well have something to be concerned by.

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Back up your Mobile Phone…Mobyko Style

So it’s happened to the best of us…you’re sat on the train and don’t notice that your phone has fallen out of your pocket or handbag until you actually get off at your stop. You tell yourself not to panic because phones can be replaced but then start kicking yourself because you’ve just managed to loose all those important phone numbers, videos and pictures you’ve taken years to build up.

Just like we wouldn’t dream of not backing up all our important files on our PC, why do we not share the same ethos for our mobile phones?

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