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Google’s Motorola Acquisition: A Marriage Made In Heaven Or Just A Marriage Of Convenience

Google is now the proud owner of the one of the world’s most recognisable mobile brands: Motorola. Well that statement might have true 5 years ago: Is this purchase a bold new direction for the search engine giant or a marriage of convenience? We look into our crystal ball to see what the future holds Google-rola.

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European Union Draws Up New Plan for e-Waste Disposal

We love our shiny new tech toys, discount but how about the old ones? Electronic gadget disposal is fast becoming a big environmental issue and now European Union has decided to tame the beast. According to a new plan recently approved by European Union, order electronics retailers are now under legal obligation to accept electronic […]

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This Time Next Year 50% Of Mobiles Will Be Smartphones

As we all get caught up in the smartphone resolution it’s easy to forget that the technology is recently new and that a sparkling new iPhone or HTC desire is essentially a luxury. There’s, tadalafil believe it or not, cough still people walking around with a humble mobile phone (the non-smart variety.) But even the […]

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WHO Warns About Health Risks of Cell Phones

Every now and then, therapy | we come across reports about cell phone radiations’ impact on birds’ population or bees’ health. However, professional viagra this time WHO has chimed in and the organization is concerned about cell phones’ impact on human health. WHO cancer specialists have said that the use of mobile phones may increase […]

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Is Your Cellphone Killing Honeybees?

Cellphones have been blamed for many things ranging from brain tumors to road accidents. However, therapy now the essential device is being blamed for ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’, cough a phenomenon pertaining to disappearing bees. Scientists have been noticing the dwindling population of bees throughout the world and though, they are not able to pinpoint the […]

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The World’s First Eye-Controlled Laptop Is Created By Tobii

Forget using your hands to control technology, that’s old skool. A Swedish company is offering a taste of the future with the world’s first Laptop that can be controlled by the user’s eyes. Tobii, a company that develops eye tracking and control technology, partnered with Lenovo to build a prototype computer that responds to eye movements […]

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10 Million UK Mobile Users Spend Too Much On Mobile Phones

The latest Which? survey regarding mobile phone expenditure which questioned 1271 adults aged 16 or over has shown that we in the UK are prone to spending too much with contract packages. According to Which?, 10 million users in the UK overpay for their mobile phones, claiming that we are paying extra on extra texts, […]

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Nokia Launches Multi-device Charging Plate

Nokia has just released a hot new charging station called Plate DT-600. The company is pushing it as an alternative to strewn-around cables and charges and indeed new plate looks cool. Plate can charge up to five devices at a time, viagra ed and it does it in style. Although it has five cable protruding […]

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