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Facebook May launch Two Smartphones at MWC

We had been hearing about Facebook for some time now. And a new report slash rumor claims that the social networking site isactually going to put the plan in motion at Mobile World Congress next month. For a while, sick let’s just ignore Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s assertion that they are not working on branded […]

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Mobile Chip Lets Your Phone Check You For STIs

UK is facing the rising rate of STIs and STDs among young and not-so-young people. And if you had been putting off that visit toDoctor due to your busy schedule or general reluctance, doctor then here is a ray of hope for you. Technology and medical experts are now working on developing a small chip […]

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Hacker beats 2G and 3G encryption

Using a simple computer, a home built transmitter and receiver, plus some readily available software, Chris Paget was able to develop a system whereby he could monitor any conversation using 2G or 3G technology. In the early 1990s came the second generation (2G), which switched from analogue to digital transmission, signalling a massive rise in […]

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Nokia C3 Touch and Type Feature Phone Announced: Nokia Still Hasn’t Completely Let Go of its Past

With Nokia blatantly trying to get into the Smartphone game with their rather impressive Symbian^3 range, mind it’s surprising to see something which is taking us back to the old school when mobile phones were just that. Well sort of anyway. The Nokia C3 touch and type feature phone is very similar to the Nokia […]

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Nokia E7 QWERTY Slider Unveiled at Nokia World

So Nokia World has kicked off today in London and we’re expecting plenty of nice devices to be revealed by the Finland-based phone manufacturers. First off today, sale we have the newly unveiled E7 QWERTY slider handset, clinic one of the devices going into the Symbian^3 family. The aluminum Smartphone has a 4-inch touchscreen with […]

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‘Nokia box’ coming in two day: but what is it?

Nokia has announced a mystery event which is set to take place on August 18th and like the recently announced HTC event there has been no real clues about what exactly is going to be launched/revealed. But rather than the usual poster or press release, Nokia have done things a bit differently and have been […]

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Droid X Move Along…The Modu: World’s Lightest Mobile Phone is Here!

Yesterday we took a look at the Droid X and the specifications of other smartphones on the market this summer and we asked if in this smartphone crazy world we live in, and if there are still ‘mobile’ phones being made? Soon to be released in the UK, the Modu 1 is our answer. This […]

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Motorola Droid X: Top Smartphone Contender This Summer?

Remember the days when Blackberrys were the only smartphones and they were used by businessmen on trains? Well now with the iPhone 4, HTC, Samsung Galaxy etc, the smartphone is everywhere. Maybe we should ask someone if the concept of a ‘mobile’ phone even exists anymore. The iPhone 4 is currently at the top of […]

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